PROVINZIAL Pfingstcup 2018 (Germany)


Tralee Dynamos wish the following Under 11 players the best of luck on their trip to Germany to participate in the PROVINZIAL Pfingstcup 2018 (Germany). The boys have been selected to represent O’Day Football Academy.

Adam Evans
Brandon Long
Pierce Lowth
Matthew Rogers
Shayne Stack

With over 240 teams in 42 groups representing the best clubs in the UK and Europe this promises to be an amazing experience for our young players..

To all the players who travel with members of their families we wish them a safe journey and hope they have a great time. O’Day academy has also factored in a day trip to Ajax (Holland).

O’Day Academy will play in group 13 with the following teams.

Sporting Lissabon (P)
TSV Dagersheim
O’Day Football Academy Kerry (IRL)
FV 1910 Rheinbrohl schwarz
ASV Tiefenbroich III

Special thanks to Leo Gaxha who shared some of his experiences playing in the UK and Holland.

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