Tralee Dynamos 3 Killarney Celtic 6

No complaints with the result Killarney Celtic got maximum output for their performance scoring 6 goals from 10 shots on target. Dynamos went into the game missing 4 from the Fenit game with some changes forced just before kick off.

Dynamos will take this defeat on the chin and look forward to putting in hard graft to gel this side into a side who will contend for honours next May.

Goals from Simon Lorne his 3rd in 3 games, Shane Lowth scoring his 6th of the season so far and Adrian Bohme scoring in his 2nd game in a row. 3 games played scoring 15 goals but concededing 10 shows where the focus will be for the coming days.

Many thanks to the home support today its great when those involved know the scale of the challenge for the club that they presence here today will help the team so much,

Next up for Dynamos is F.A.I. Junior Cup against Desmond League side Broadford United at the K.D.L. Mounthawk this coming Friday with an 8 p.m. kick off.

Team: Gary Murphy, Jonathan Hannafin, Jonathan Burrows, Cian Sheridan inj. (Oliver Coffey), Sean Foley (Gary Nolan) Alejandro Fernadez (Nemanja Samardzic), Christian Klass, Ivan Kolarevic (Niall Sertutxa), Simon Lorne (Tony Duggan), Shane Lowth, Marek Skibinski, Adrian Bohmer


Pics: Tony Duggan U17 & Senior, Sean Foley Youths & Seniors, Niall Sertutxa Youths & Seniors, Nemanja Samardzic Under 17 & Seniors

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